The success of any project highly depends on good communication. When it comes to engineering projects, some of the important communication is done during project meetings. Its important to ensure that project meetings are conducted successfully so as to avoid project delays and conflicts. Here are some good tips for running a successful project meeting:

1. Set a clear and focused agenda

Agendas are common tools for meetings. They create a roadmap for the meeting which can also be used as a motivational tool. Setting a clear agenda for a project meeting helps to set the direction of the meeting, and eliminates time wasted discussing irrelevant topics. An agenda also helps members to prepare themselves in case they have present reports and project stats during the meeting.

An agenda can also help to manage discussions during a project meeting. For example, if the team is discussing about a topic not scheduled for the meeting, you can always refer them to agenda ,and postpone the topic for later.

In the case of the a construction project, an agenda should include a review of the project progress report, matters araising from any site inspections and minutes of the previous meetings.

2. Keep track of attendance

It is important to ensure that the right people attend project meetings. You should always ensure that all concerned parties are presented during project meetings. It is advisable to have an attendance registrar to track attendance of the meetings.

It is also important to exclude irrelevant participants from project meetings to avoid slowing down the team during discussions.

3. Meeting minutes are key

Not only do meeting minutes help to drive the action points, but they act as evidence for what is agreed upon. Keeping a good record of meeting minutes can help alot in tracking what’s going on a project.

It is also advisable to circulate the minutes of the last meetings to the attendees because many people are likely to forget the details of what was discussed previously.

4. End it with a summary

It is important to conclude project meetings with a summary of what has been discussed and agreed upon. It can help members to be clear on the action points coming from the meeting.

5. Harness the power of technology

Harnessing technology can ensure that project meetings are always a success. For example, with technologies such Zoom, you can ensure that clients or members who may be remote can also attend project meetings. Using devices like projectors, you can also ensure that reports are presented more clearly.


Having effective project meetings will greatly improve the progress of the project. It is therefore important to also learn and practice good communication skills during meetings to avoid conflicts and delays.

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