Civil engineering is one of the top paying fields in the world with many interesting careers such as engineering project manager, structural engineer and environmental engineer. It is for this reason that the field attracts many to enroll for academic degrees in engineering, and for those who succeed and graduate the field can be rewarding given the right career choice. In case you are a graduate looking to make the right career choice, one of the following five careers might be a good pick.

1. Engineering Project Manager

Engineering project manager is the one of the highest paying careers in Civil Engineering. Engineering project managers have to plan, direct and coordinate projects. The work can start right from the project inception and extends through out construction stage. To succeed in the engineering project manager, one will need good leadership skills and engineering experience.

2. Structural Engineer

At the heart of the engineering is the design safety, and this is reflected in the work of structural engineers. Structural engineers rely on a well founded knowledge of mechanics to design structures, and these include; steel, timber and concrete structures.

3. Water resource engineer

When it comes to the development and maintenance of water resource management facilities such as; drainage canals, dams, reservoirs and irrigation systems, water resource engineers play it key role. The work of a water resource engineers involving hydrologic and hydraulic studies which are aimed the design and coordination of water resource management systems.

4. Geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical engineers utilize soil and science to analyze and design structures such as roads, embarkments, retaining walls and footings for buildings. Geotechnical engineers are also look at aspects of soil mechanics and earth engineering so as to ensure proper support for structures.

5. Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers carry out planning, inspection and design of environment control and protection systems such as sewerage systems and treatment plants as well as air and water pollution control systems. Environmental engineers are well paid ,and this can be attribute to the essential nature of the work they do.


If you are a team player who loves planning things and solving problems as well as creating a better world, a career in civil engineering is, without a doubt, the right choice for you. Civil engineering offers diverse roles and create careers, and with right opportunities it can take you all over the world. You can start your career of choice today by applying for a job with some of the best recruiting platforms like Linkedin and Monster.



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