In the world of engineering, the innovation keeps everyone on their toes. It is therefore important to know what’s new and trending, and even what’s better. Today’s world is innovating fast and every second that goes by is a chance for a new technology to emerge. For engineers who want to keep up with the trend and technology, it becomes imperative to be well-informed about what the rest of the engineering community is doing. Expos are some of the best places for this. Expos allow engineers from all over the world to convene and share innovations as well as foster collaboration and aid in the advancement of the technology. Below are the top ten Expos for engineers.

1. The Big 5

The Big 5 is one the largest events for the construction industry. The event attracts over 100,000 participants from around the world. The Big 5 as a platform allows different kinds of professionals to meet, connect and advance. Among the attendees for the event are; architects, engineers, contractor, real estate developers, manufacturers and distributors. The event covers a number sectors such as; building envelope & special construction, building interiors & finishes, construction tools & personal protective equipment, digital construction products & services, intelligent buildings, MEP services, offsite & modular construction, solar products, technologies and services.

2. World of Concrete

The world of concrete is an global event attracting over 60,000 professionals from all over the world. The world concrete is attended by; concrete contractors, construction managers, distributors, designers & specifiers, masonry contactors, among others. The event has exhibitions on a number of technologies such as concrete & construction, masonry construction as well as tools & equipment.

3. Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

The Greenbuild international conference and Expo was started in 2002 and is world largest event dedicated to green building. The event is attended by many professionals from the green building industry. The Expo features; a number of inspirational speakers, specialty workshops and industry showcases as well as key networking opportunities.

4. Autodesk University (AU) Expo

This Expo is organized by Autodesk University and is a place to learn about new technologies and test drive them as well as connect with the teams behind them. The AU Expo features and showcases innovative projects such as 3D printing habitable  structures. The Expo is attended by professionals from different sectors such as engineering , architecture, construction and manufacturing. AU Expo allows engineering professionals to adopt new ideas that could improve their work and designs.

5. World of Modular

World of Modular is an annual event dedicated to the commercial modular construction industry. World of Modular provides many networking opportunities and expert speakers. The event also has free registration for potential end-users and customers of the modular building industry such as developers, architects, engineers, traditional contractors , government agencies, schools and universities.

6. London Build

London Build is one of the largest exhibitions in the world. London Build as platform connects thousands of senior-level decision makers, buyers and influencers from the entire UK’s build environment. The Expo has over 500 speakers and hundreds of exhibitors. The Expo also features free to attend events such as the “Meet the Buyer sessions.”

7. New York Build

New York Build is another special event for engineers. It is dedicated to residential, commercial and infrastructural opportunities in the New York and the Tri-State Region. The Expo features over 275 speakers as well as free to attend events like the Women in Construction and Diversity Construction, the Festival of Construction, entertainment and much more. 

 8. The Building Show

The building show provides opportunities and solutions for the building industry through hybrid, online and in person experiences. The Event brings together construction product buyers, project managers , design professionals and among others.

9. Ground breaking Women in Construction (GWIC)

The GWIC is an event that has its focus on the contribution of women within the construction industry. While the GWIC has helped to expand the presence, influence and career success of women in construction, it is also a leading talent development and networking event for professionals in the construction industry.

10. ENR Future Tech

ENR Future Tech is the leading technology forum in construction. The event is organized for business and IT leaders in fields such as; engineering and architecture. ENR Future Tech provides an opportunity to build networks, find solutions and improve businesses. It also sets a stage for leaders in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) technology to explore emerging technologies that can improve productivity, profits and safety in construction.


For the progressive engineer, attending at least one of the above the Expos will be very beneficial due to the possible networking opportunities and access to new and better technology. If you find yourself opting for multiple events, then you may want to get a good calendar app like Calendly, to help you keep track of events and avoid missing out. Calendly offers a lot of simplicity in tracking dates & events, and you can get a free 14 day trial by clicking here.


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